Meet Takoda (and Kimberly Simmons too)

That picture over there? That's my best friend and service dog, Takoda. Oh, and me. I am his student, as I have been the student of every animal that I have ever interacted with. You see, animals are easy to understand once a person learns to listen, and I did, at a very young age. My earliest best friends were animals and I was 'that kid' who attracted every stray in the neighborhood (much to my parent's dismay!)

In 1975 I began learning to train with a family friend who was a police officer. He trained scent-work dogs and taught me many lessons in patience, kindness, and humor; humor because animals love having fun! I continued my education in training by reading every book I could get my hands on, taking classes, attending obedience classes with my own dogs and by just doing it! I learned the methods that worked best and what seemed to cause dogs to withdraw.

I learned early on that I understand and communicate with animals much better than people. My intuitive understanding of animals allows me to help pet owners also better understand and interact with their pets. Through diverse training techniques catered to the individual pet/human team, I enjoy creating lasting and happy pet/human relationships.

I have a firm belief in continuing education as advances in research and science bring about new ideas and techniques for the care and training of animals. I continue to look for new ideas to enhance my years of experience and in some cases replace outdated ideas.

Animals are my passion. I welcome the opportunity to meet yours and will love and respect them like they are my own. 

Continue reading to learn more about my education, experience and beliefs about training.

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