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Pet Taxi

It’s hard enough making time for your own appointments, For P.E.T.S., can help you make sure that your pets will have no problem making theirs. Our pet taxi services include giving your pet a ride to doggy daycare, veterinarian and grooming appointments, safely and on time. 

Pet Supplies Delivery

Need pet supplies or medications? With our Concierge Services, we’ll be happy to pick them up for you and deliver them to your house. From dog food to prescriptions from your pet's veterinarian or pharmacy we can help!


Owning a pet comes with certain responsibilities. Through our Educational Training sessions, your questions will be answered. This includes learning about pet hygiene, nail trimming, nutrition, safety, and health care best practices. We can also teach you how to choose the right pet, based on your own unique interests and needs.

(we do not offer veterinary advice).

Light Grooming

Trimming your pet's nails can be a nerve-wracking experience and we can help! We have experience with dogs, cats, and rabbits and can even teach you to trim your own pet's nails with confidence. We also offer light grooming such as ear cleaning and maintenance brushing.​ 


As a Reiki II practitioner, Kimberly offers this ancient, Eastern alternative therapy to pets (and people). Known for it's calming and balancing effects of the body's energies, Reiki is an excellent complementary therapy to modern medical treatments.

Kimberly also uses Reiki while training to help promote an atmosphere of calm and peace.

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Dog walking
Dog walking and daily check-ins
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