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All dog walking & visits include the following:

  • Topping off waters

  • Safety check of home/yard (to be sure there are no hazards)

  • Visual assessment of your pets (to check for injury, illness, etc.)

  • Topping off food if needed

  • Giving medications if needed

  • Outside potty breaks for dogs either on a leash (dog walking) or in a fenced yard

  • Playtime

  • Spoiling your dog

  • Checking on other pets in the home to be sure all is well while you are at work

Dog walking can be done in your neighborhood, a favorite local trail, or on For P.E.T.S. private trails and fields. 


Quick-stops (no dog walking, potty break only): 10-15 minutes $12-$14 depending on location (limited availability)
Daily drop-ins or dog walking: 20-30 minutes $16.00

Daily Visits or dog walking: 30-45 minutes $21.00

Daily Visits or dog walking: 45-60 minutes $26.00 (limited availability)


Vacation pet sitting rates start at $15.00- please call to get pricing for your specific needs. We customize each pet sitting package to both meet your budget and our exacting standards of care. In addition to the services listed above, vacation pet sitting also includes checking mail, watering plants, raising/lowering shades/curtains, cleaning/dusting, turning lights on/off. We do not offer overnight care at this time.

A huge responsibility and duty of care come with entering someone's home and caring for their animals while they are away. Our responsibility isn't only to your pets, but to your property and privacy as well.

We’ll ensure that your furred, feathered or scaled family are well cared for and show you, through text or Email (with pictures), so that you can enjoy peace of mind.
We are experienced with most small animals as well as horses, chickens, and other farm animals. 

For P.E.T.S.
Dog Walking, Daily Drop-Ins and Pet Sitting:

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Dog walking
Dog walking and daily check-ins
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